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The Who

Trek for Change is an action initiative fueled by compassionate sustainable growing practices.

We pride ourselves in sharing our vision through the beauty of sustainable agriculture/education projects and reinvesting kindness back into communities throughout the world.

Every tree planted supports education and agriculture projects throughout the world.

The Story


The first trek had taken place almost 12 years ago in Uganda, Africa and was birthed out of a very simple conversation which took place between two compassionate people from opposite sides of the world…… and it went something like this “I have a dream to grow matoke (plantains), and I believe one day we will grow together.”

This vision reaches well beyond the plants, it is a message of hope that began with a single seed which has now flourished into a sustainable partnership of creativity, compassion, and empowerment.

In 2020 Trek for Change estimates to plant 900 plantains as a means of revenue, food source, and education. As our organization grows, the projects will grow parallel in alignment with helping to enrich the lives of others through compassion, integrity, and adoration of our earth.

Be Change & Grow with Us

How Does It Work?

We have partnered with NGO’s throughout the world to implement sustainable agriculture projects which will overflow and seed into creating infrastructure for education. As the crops grow and flourish, the crop revenues will be reinvested and allocated into further expansion of future crop development, job creation, and lend seed money towards the construction of new schools. We have a long-term investment and commitment in these communities. We also have a shared value system with the NGO’s in effort to cultivate sustainable leadership which will oversee these projects to completion, aiming to reach their highest potential. Our heart is to see young people flourish in these communities through the empowerment of education.

Get Involved

Now, it’s your turn.

No matter how old you are, where you live, or what you can give, you can help the infrastructure for education — and you can start right now by giving “Matoke” plantains. Every plantain which is planted not only provides a lunch meal for our students, it also creates jobs, and sustainable salaries for our staff and educators.

We Did

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The first trek had taken place 12 years ago in Uganda, Africa
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of your donation will go towards our compassion projects
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$25 can get you started. Our goal is to plant 1 Million Trees

We Believe

The trek was never about the distance or the destination, it is about the journey within the hearts of humanity. We recognize together we can do great things and “Plant Kindness” throughout.