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785 Trek for Water

The “785 Trek for Water”

Water, one of the most powerful living elements on the planet “the great blue rock” covering nearly 2/3 of the earth’s surface, ironically also consuming 2/3 of our bodies.

Water, our amazing life source and without it, our creation does not exist. When we think of its characteristics a few words might come to mind, life, transformative, free flowing, powerful, purity….. and UNITY

We all need it, can’t live without it, and yet 785M of OUR fellow members of mankind do NOT have access to it. Did you know the average walk for water is 3.9 miles in the under developed world? Did you know nearly 80% of those water fetchers are women and children, the average jerrycan weighing 40lbs. The Statistics are astonishing, every day 800 children under the age of 5 die from diarrhea related deaths due to contaminated water, these are preventable causes.

Though the problems are vast, the solutions are plentiful and accessible. The solutions resting beneath our feet, the reach woven into our hearts, WE, humanity, hold the keys, and no one else is coming. We are the ONLY solution.

Over the course of this year 2023, our goal is to open 2 more wells by June 1st in our partnering community of Kanada, Uganda which will support nearly 3000 members of the community.  The absence of clean/safe drinking water has hindered the growth and development of this community since the very beginning until now.   

For those of you who have been following the story, last March 2022, we had the privilege to open the first well in the community where we have built our Green School which now supports nearly 300 children with a safe place to learn and grow. The well has become an anchor of new life in this community of 600 families.

Along with the opening of the first(second well scheduled to open on Feb 21, 2023), we have also discovered a sustainable solution, we are calling this the “Miracle H20 Device. It is a solar thermal water purification container. This device allows people to drawl 10 liters of water from a well, heated by the energy from the natural sunlight, purifying clean water to SAFE/CLEAN drinking water within 4-5 hours.  This container is a game changer, it provides a platform to educate, an opportunity for us all to become more mindful of the needs around us, and most importantly shouts UNITY and LIFE.



"Water, our amazing life source and without it, our creation does not exist"

Bringing Clean Water to Communities

Our goal is to open a second well and deliver 400 of Miracle H20 devices to the community of Kanada by June 1st. The heart of our Trek focused on empowerment and transformation.

Support The Global Water Crisis

In Africa, Women spend 200 million hours per day walking for water

443 million school days are missed every year because of the global water crisis

One person dies every 37 seconds from water-related illnesses

Every $1 invested safe water yields $6.80 in economic return

50% of the developing world's hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water-related diseases

4.2 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation

The Miracle H20 Device

Miracle H20

The Miracle H20 Device – For just $65 you can sponsor one of these miracle devices for a family. We will also provide 10 deworming tablets to help cleanse the family of any pre-existing infections of parasite. We perceive this powerful combination as the very first step in empowering others towards living an improved life of health and wellness, providing proper hydration/education which will continue to flow through the generations to come.
Did you know bore holes “Wells” are a common solution for providing access to fresh water, however the water still needs to be purified and filtered.



Two Steps Process of "SAFE/CLEAN" Drinking Water

Step 1

Drilling for fresh water found in aquafers which are reservoirs deep beneath the earth’s surface ranging anywhere from 50-80 meters deep.

Step 2

Water must be sterilized and filtered, killing micro-organisms and other forms of dangerous bacteria.

The Miracle H20 Container Benefits

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