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Meet the Team

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Preston Dyer


Preston is a visionary at heart and has a deep rooted passion for people and plants. As a humanitarian, he fell in love with international compassion projects in early 2005 after experiencing his first trek to the 3rd world. He has 20+ years of experience working in the horticulture/agriculture industry with a focus on business development. He strongly believes in the art of “giving back” and being a catalyst towards mobilizing humanity towards achieving their dreams and aspirations.

“If we can dream it, we can create it.”

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Justin Rankin

Chief Marketing Director

Justin believes a creative mind and an open heart can accomplish anything. As a creative and entrepreneur, he is able to capture the vision and hard work of the team and bring it to life in content form. GOOD VIBES has become a way of life for Justin, as he strives to stay surrounded by positive people trying to better the world. After Justin’s 1st journey with Trek For Change, shooting a mini documentary, he was eager to work on something bigger than himself.

“If it is broken fix it. If you don’t like it change it. And if you want something go after it. Don’t complain about it. Do something about it.” 


David Ssenfuma

Executive Director

David is a determined leader and effective communicator with a deep passion for working with the under privileged. Over the years, he has developed a desire to elevate the youth with a focus in areas of economic empowerment and education. David has 12+ years of experience working with children at risk and in education. He is very passionate about making a life-long difference in his community and the societies throughout .

“ If we see a challenge and don’t act upon it, history will judge us accordingly.”


Lewis Elroy Kiyingi

Digital Creative Director

Lewis is an entrepreneur and creative digital designer with a passion for the arts. He prides himself in his ability to analyze finite details and possesses an undeniable strength in creative and critical thinking, his ability to see in the abstract is remarkable. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts. His hobbies include playing piano, computer/video games, watching movies, photography, listening to music, and mostly all things related to tech.

“The way we perceive the world is greatly influenced because of Art. In whatever a man does to bring change to the world, art is at its core-essence.”


Hope Catherine Kiyingi

Social Administrative Director

Hope is an entrepreneur who holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Social Administration. She has an infectious passion towards helping the less fortunate and empowering the youth of the world. At the age of 15, she caught her life purpose to serve others through volunteering at a grass roots orphanage in her local community. Hope walks with a kind ability to nurture others through her strength of compassion and objective listening. She loves singing, cooking, fashion, hanging out with her family, and making new friends.

“Touching the untouchables and reaching the unreachables.”


Herman Elijah Kabagoza

Outreach Project Director

Herman is an entrepreneur with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He has a tenacious heart to give back and accurately represents the true definition of a shaker and mover. Once being a street kid, Herman has a passion working with the street children and has an ability to deliver creative and impactful outreach concepts. He has a vision to see positive change among under privileged communities with a desire to help others reach their highest potential and better their lives. He enjoys listening to music, shooting pool, and “chilling out”

“All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them, and the secret to getting ahead is simply by getting started.”

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Sasha Zayed

Director of Community Relations

The core of Sasha’s passion is cultivating community for those who need a place to belong and thrive. Sasha’s vision for building schools internationally and supporting underprivileged communities has been a life long dream. Raised by immigrants from a developing country, she is especially compassionate towards parents who want better for children & their family’s legacy.

Sasha brings 10+ years of executive search & business development experience and is currently the founder of Careerdesignlab, a talent development company supporting first-time job seekers entering the workforce.

Sasha is incredibly grateful to serve Trek for Change and is excited to help support their international cause.

“There is always a better tomorrow.”


Carlos Rogers-Lopez

Global Ambassador

Carlos believes that there are parts of ourselves waiting to be discovered all over the world. These parts, which collectively make us more whole, are intertwined in other cultures, individual stories, regional cuisine, local music, and shared struggles.

From a very early age the cards were stacked against Carlos and the odds of him overcoming the many obstacles were not in his favor. However, he persevered and as a result has found himself as the owner of a successful business who helps others live more independent lives on a daily basis, a father to three amazing kids and one mischievous dog, traveling to different parts of the world, meeting people from all walks of life, and experiencing cultures at their core.

A self-proclaimed home chef, budding author, public speaker, musician, stand up comedian, and lover of hot sauce, Carlos thrives off continuing to learn and experience everything that makes life worth living.

Carlos brings the “If I can do it, anyone can do it” belief that all things are possible to the TFC team! He also brings a loving presence, humble wisdom, and the ability to make those he comes across feel valued and loved. He is at where he is in life because of the grace that others have shown in helping him do better because he could see better. Carlos intends to pay that forward through his own story, encouragement, and equipping others to wake up to their own dreams and desires.

“The key to living is giving.”